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(SEO) Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Complete Clinical Trial Management

Clinical trials are complex, but your clinical trial management system doesn’t have to be.


Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Clinical trials are complex. Biotech, pharmaceuticals, and other research-focused life sciences organizations run highly complicated clinical trials in the search for new medicines, devices, and the ultimate cure for many of the world’s diseases. Using a software system helps you manage clinical trials in clinical research.

In recent years, clinical trials have become even more intricate as R&D costs have increased to an average of $1.4 billion USD per clinical trial. Research sites are now spread across 200% more countries than before. Data endpoints have grown by 86% thanks in part to new technologies, and human resource turnover has averaged 55% per trial due to increased competition between sponsors.

How are organizations able to efficiently manage all of the intricate working parts of clinical trials? Enter clinical trial management systems (CTMS).

Embrace an easy-to-use clinical trial management application that allows your team to oversee every aspect of the clinical trial, keeping the project aligned and delivered on time.

Keep the entire team synced via a cloud-enabled application to reduce timelines and streamline trial management plus automate key activities within the trial lifecycle.

Discover a turnkey solution that enables clinical operations teams in various areas including payments, monitoring and more all with a seamless connection to the trial master file solution, LifeSphere eTMF.

What is a Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)?

CTMS, also known as Clinical Trial Management System,  is a software system organizations of all sizes utilize for their clinical trials to help manage them and make the processes more accessible and more transparent. It serves as a single, centralized resource to support clinical research studies and streamlines the complex nature of clinical operations. Through this platform, organizations can track, plan, and control every activity related to each step within a clinical trial.

Most clinical trials start small and grow as the trials advance. During these early stages, it’s not uncommon for the company who is managing the trial to use simple tools including spreadsheets and email to track and maintain the information gathered in their clinical trial. As these trials become more extensive, these bare-bones solutions become unable to manage the increasingly complex data efficiently. They require more thorough and complete systems that can manage and control trial budgeting, key financial data, and integrate with third-party applications in addition to being able to manage the basics like compliance, regulations, patients, and project timelines.

With great advancements in mobile technology and cloud infrastructure, many clinical trial management systems are now web-based, allowing multiple sites and users to input and manage information from almost any location while processing large amounts of data.

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Features and Benefits of a CTMS

Today most clinical trial management systems offer similar features to comply with and meet industry standards. However, only a few of these solutions are truly innovative and can aid organizations in managing the complexities of the clinical trial process and monitoring.

By looking at the clinical domain as a whole, ArisGlobal has developed LifeSphere Clinical as a unified end-to-end platform that delivers unparalleled efficiency gains to life sciences organizations. A core offering in the LifeSphere Clinical platform, LifeSphere CTMS is a cloud application that makes the entire clinical trial management process more accessible and more transparent for companies of all sizes:
– Enables clinical trial management in a single, end-to-end software application which makes for seamless trial management regardless of complexity for organizations of varying sizes
-Unifies clinical operations and data management in a single cloud platform
-Streamlines trial management through an intuitive interface designed for all skill and responsibility levels
-Makes site payments and monitoring fast and easy by including them out-of-the-box

Features of a CTMS

Streamline Study Startup

Automate key study prep activities such as budget planning, site assessments, document distribution, enrollment, and site visit planning. Track submission milestones and document packages to speed up the study startup.

Integrated Document Tracking

Fully integrated document tracking provides real-time inspection readiness.

Efficient Study Closeout

Assists independent audits and study closeout processes with versatile export capabilities and out-of-the-box unification with LifeSphere EDC. Easily provides oversight compliance to regulatory authorities without requiring them to log into the system.

ArisGlobal took a pragmatic approach to automation, opting to work directly with its customers to develop, test and fine-tune real-world use cases. The result is that LifeSphere MultiVigilance is the life sciences industry’s first end-to-end safety system with production-ready automation. Built hand-in-hand with the industry, it’s ready to deliver significant efficiency gains out-of-the-box.

Simplified Trip Reporting

Supports report app authoring, review, and approval for large field teams.
Other benefits include increased case processing quality and error reduction thanks to natural language processing and cognitive computing.

Learn more about our production-ready automation capabilities.

Site Monitoring Planning

Enables monitors to efficiently conduct and document monitoring visits with an automated review and approval process governed by user-defined workflows and event-based planning.

Flexible Payment Modules

Included payment module allows for hassle-free configuration of payment terms so teams can easily pay as contracted.

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ArisGlobal Introduces LifeSphere CTMS10, Bringing Modern Simplicity and Efficiency to Clinical Trial Management

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Delivering Results From Day 1

80%Of Top 50 Biopharmas

80% of the top 50 biopharma companies are our clients


Efficiency Gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our Nava cognitive computing engine


Cost Savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities



100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards


An Easy and Intuitive CTMS for Organizations of All Sizes

LifeSphere CTMS10 is a core offering in LifeSphere Clinical’s unified cloud platform.

LifeSphere CTMS10 is an end-to-end solution that makes the entire clinical trial management process easier and more transparent for companies of all sizes.

The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management

Clinical trials are a necessary and critical activity in releasing new, and often-times lifesaving, drugs and medical devices to the market. To achieve success, however, in the face of rising development costs and fewer approvals, life sciences organizations are under severe pressure to manage these trials in a way that is risk-averse and cost-effective.

The Benefits of a Unified Clinical Platform

For nearly 20 years the issue of disconnected, poorly integrated systems and processes has hampered clinical R&D. The problem and its challenges have been discussed, dissected, and top of mind of most clinical operations leaders. The constant and critical push to accelerate a product’s time to market continues to push clinical teams to seek solutions that deliver greater efficiencies. After 20 years of point-to-point integrations, the time has come for a different, advanced, and unified approach.

The Clinical Domain is Evolving. Make Sure Your CTMS is Evolving With It

The Evolving Role of CTMS in Risk Management takes a broad look at the challenges facing clinical trial management, how the clinical domain is changing, and how the industry can better respond.

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