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Regulatory Accelerated Health Authority Interactions

Accelerated Health Authority Interactions

Automate intake and management of HA communications, powered by LifeSphere NavaX™.


LifeSphere® Interactions accelerates the intake of Health Authority (HA) communications and builds a knowledgebase driving transparency and consistency with HA interactions.


Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Interactions for your organization.

  • Accelerated Intake – Leverage LifeSphere NavaX advanced automation capabilities to ingest and process HA communications.
  • Increased Consistency – Reduce error-prone and disjointed manual processes for managing HA interactions.
  • Greater Transparency – Build a central knowledgebase that enables you to readily understand the latest HA interaction status.
  • Advanced Insights – Leverage LifeSphere NavaX advanced automation for robust and up-to-date insights into HA interactions.

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere Accelerated Health Authority Interactions in Action


Deliver real value with LifeSphere Interactions.

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HA Intake

Automate the ingestion of HA communications.

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HA Processing

Automate the classification and extraction of relevant metadata.

Managed Information

Access HA information in a single, centralized repository.

Response Drafting

Automate the drafting of HA responses.

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Knowledgebase Querying

Perform flexible searching and filtering of repository resources.

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Advanced Cognition

Provides advanced conversational information discovery (chatbot).


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