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Regulatory Labeling Management

Labeling Management

Drive more efficient and consistent labeling management processes across your operations.


LifeSphere® Labeling enables you to streamline your labeling workflows through end-to-end labeling change management and compliance tracking.



Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Labeling for your organization.

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Work More Efficiently

Increase productivity and reduce rework with streamlined and automated labeling management workflows.

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Enhanced Compliance

Minimize regulatory non-compliance risk with enhanced control over labeling changes and their implementation.

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End-to-End Management

Make it simple to manage, reuse, and control labeling data and documents throughout their lifecycle.

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Greater Visibility

Gain added insights into labeling status and changes with enhanced compliance tracking.


Deliver real value with LifeSphere Labeling.

Process Management

Support local and global end-to-end labeling processes.

Change Management

Support the review, tracking, and implementation of labelling changes.

Workflow Automation

Enable automated notifications and process triggers.


Establish workflows that span processes and departments.

Downstream Integration

Seamless connection to the submission and approval processes connected to the end-to-end RIM workflow.


Interactive dashboards for visibility into labeling changes and actions needed.


Resources for Your Regulatory Journey

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LifeSphere Regulatory Fact Sheet

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See how LifeSphere Labeling can benefit your organization today.

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