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Powering research and development at the speed of science

Innovation for tomorrow begins with a partner you can trust today.

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Delivering safer, faster research & development

LifeSphere is trusted by hundreds of global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, health authorities, and CROs. Why is that? Because LifeSphere accelerates product development, maintains compliance, and streamlines collaboration–enabling you to impact global health.

Incorporating flexible, open architecture

The LifeSphere difference

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Top Pharma Companies

Serving 80% of the top 50 biopharma companies

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Potential efficiency gains

80% potential efficiency gains driven by our cognitive computing engine

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Immediate cost savings

30% immediate cost savings potential via our advanced automation capabilities

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100% compliance with all present and upcoming regulatory standards

Data you can use

Data collection is happening all the time, and the amount of information to collect and organize in research and development can seem overwhelming.

Run your pharmacovigilance, clinical activities, and regulatory processes with the leading automated, integrated life sciences technology platform. With LifeSphere, your team can unlock new levels of intelligence with actionable data and insights.

With more than 30 years of partnership with life sciences leaders, LifeSphere continues to evolve the delivery of products from bench to bedside quickly and safely.

Driving innovation forward

A unified, user-friendly platform

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is a cloud platform for clinical operations and data management that accelerates studies, ensures transparency, and streamlines collaboration across your organization.

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delivers regulatory information management in a unified cloud platform that accelerates approvals, reduces risk, and streamlines collaboration across your teams.

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is an end-to-end safety platform that helps your global pharmacovigilance team save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance, and unlock deep insights from safety data.

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is a cloud platform that helps your life sciences organization deliver timely information, stay compliant, and streamline collaboration between global stakeholders.

Customer Success Stories and Industry Recognition

The FDA Modernizes Pharmacovigilance with LifeSphere MultiVigilance

The FDA’s next generation FAERS II system uses ArisGlobal’s industry-leading safety platform to automate intake, triage, and processing, improving regulatory processes and data quality.

New Regulatory Capabilities Position ArisGlobal for Future Growth, Report Says

ArisGlobal recognized by Frost & Sullivan for enabling life sciences companies to accelerate R&D with its LifeSphere platform.

Major Contender in Everest Group’s “Clinical Development Platform Vendors” PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

Innovation, digitally mature products drive company growth, report says.

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News & Events

Text reading Regulatory 2025

Regulatory 2025

Continually evolving and changing, the Regulatory landscape not only needs a plan for today but for tomorrow. Learn why having a longer outlook is beneficial to your organizational goals.

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Not Your Average RIMS

Regulatory is gaining in complexity and instead of looking at this as an end-to-end process, it’s time to rethink of Regulatory as a continuous cycle in Life Sciences.

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Connected Data, Interoperability Enable Greater Compliance

Data unlocks new heights within the Regulatory sphere and sharing it seamlessly within your technology applications is essential to ensuring compliance.

Learn about ArisGlobal and explore our history of working toward a healthier world.

ArisGlobal Launches LifeSphere NavaX™   Learn More

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