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Data and Analytics LifeSphere Clarity

Safety Analytics Innovation Made for and by Patient Safety Teams

LifeSphere Clarity enables safety teams to drive higher-quality benefit-risk analyses and greater patient safety


With LifeSphere Clarity, you will be able to:

  • Draw deeper risk insights by finding trends in data that would otherwise be undiscoverable
  • Accelerate risk evaluation by rapidly identifying factors that can influence benefit-risk profiles
  • Decrease time-to-insight by eliminating tedious and error-prone manual evaluation processes
  • Ensure top-quality risk profiles with expert community knowledge pharmacovigilance insights from leading biopharmaceutical companies 

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Clarity Can Bring to Your Organization

Efficient Safety Review

Drastically reduce the amount of time spent reviewing unstructured cases and external data sources to develop hypotheses

Greater Confidence

Easily determine if the set of cases under review represents a quality sample to derive insight from

Better Oversight and Faster Time to Insight

Gain stronger vendor oversight on safety topics and get to insight faster than traditional manual methods

Consistency in Signal Validation

No matter the background of the safety scientist performing the validation, everyone begins with the same set of articulated knowledge across multiple data sources

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere Clarity in Action


The LifeSphere Clarity difference

Intentionally focused on providing users with efficient processes that lead to more confidence and deeper levels of insight. LifeSphere Clarity is the latest innovation in safety analytics built by and for patient safety teams.

Gear icon

Case Tags

Create tags for a case aggregates to increase collaboration on serial case assessments leading to faster and more robust case series assessments.

Bar Graph icon

Association Graph

Users can see automatic medical connections and can denote the strength of each association, increasing the ability to collaborate on serial case assessments.

Flow chart icon

Case Clustering

Users can group cases based on medical knowledge to help them understand safety patterns which leads to better understanding of safety profile within different groups

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