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Data and Analytics LifeSphere Clarity

The NEW industry standard in safety signal analytics.

Smarter signals. Safer drugs. Healthier patients.

Introducing LifeSphere Clarity by ArisGlobal – the next-generation automated safety signal analytics engine, establishing a new industry standard for safety signal analytics processing for the pharmacovigilance industry and regulators.

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LifeSphere Clarity picks up where traditional signal detection solutions end – helping teams to analyze the safety signal faster and more confidently than ever before, managing risk more efficiently for organizations.

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  • Automates possible causal pathways, ultimately providing processing support so a smaller and nimbler team can focus on the work that matters most
  • Standardizes Safety Analytics across your physicians for better process-making, saving on time and staff costs
  • Reduce costs related to clinical trial delays, and in post-marketing response
  • When coupled with LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management, LifeSphere Clarity redefines the safety signal analytics space by going further than any safety signal analytics solution on the market

Discover the Benefits LifeSphere Clarity can bring to your organization

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Efficient Safety Review

LifeSphere Clarity will bring an industry-changing technology shift to the way signal safety data is collected, processed, and presented – freeing up safety scientists’ and risk physicians’ time to focus on other strategic objectives

Automation of Causal Pathways

LifeSphere Clarity enable faster Serial Case Assessment during signal screening or signal validation by automating causal pathways, reducing serial case assessment time and adding tremendous efficiency to processing time

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Standardize Safety Analytics

Standardize Safety Analytics across your physicians’ teams for better processing, saving time and costs. LifeSphere Clarity reduces risk and provides a higher level of confidence in assessment, increasing transparency

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Reduce Clinical Trial and Post-Marketing Costs

Clinical trials are costly. And any disruption drives up costs and delays revenue recognition. The earlier you detect a safety signal issue the faster you can react accordingly, minimizing costly trial delays. In a post-marketing setting, LifeSphere Clarity can help your organization identify risk faster

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere Clarity in Action


The LifeSphere Clarity difference

Intentionally focused on providing users with efficient processes that lead to more confidence and deeper levels of insight. LifeSphere Clarity is the latest innovation in safety analytics built by and for patient safety teams.

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Knowledge Graphs

Create tags for a case aggregates to increase collaboration on serial case assessments leading to faster and more robust case series assessments.

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Case Tags

Create tags for a case aggregates to increase collaboration on serial case assessments leading to faster and more robust case series assessments.

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Association Graphs

Users can see automatic medical connections and can denote the strength of each association, increasing the ability to collaborate on serial case assessments.

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Case Clustering

Users can group cases based on medical knowledge to help them understand safety patterns which leads to better understanding of safety profile within different groups 

LifeSphere Signals & Risk Management PLUS LifeSphere Clarity

By combining LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management with LifeSphere Clarity, organizations can harness the power of industry-leading innovation that will help to identify risk faster and derive causal insights quickly, mitigating the downstream impact of signal issues both in clinical trials and post-marketing settings.

Redefine the safety signal analytics space by going further than any safety signal analytics solutions on the market

  • Advanced signals analytics for case series
  • Exploratory analysis, Knowledge Graphs, and Clustering
  • Set Signal Detection Strategies for Statistical Methods, Data Sources, Subsets, and Frequencies
  • Receive new Alerts
  • Manage the Signal Lifecycle with Signal Screening, Assessment, and Validation

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Data Backed Benefits –
LifeSphere Data and Analytics by the Numbers

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80% of the Top 50 Global Biopharmas are LifeSphere customers

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30+ years in Life Sciences innovation


Reduce Serial Case Processing time by up to 40%

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100% compliance with all regulatory requirements

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For LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management and LifeSphere Clarity products, third party software TIBCO Spotfire® is licensed by
Perkin Elmer to deliver data visualization and analytics for ArisGlobal as the exclusive licensor and is powered by TIBCO®.

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