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Platform Medical Affairs

Engage Better at the Point of Need with LifeSphere Medical Affairs

Automated. Multi-Channel. Data-Centric.


Intelligent, End-to-End Medical Information Management

LifeSphere Medical Affairs is the most intelligent and only unified platform that delivers strategic stakeholder engagement at the point of need. Manage key medical information functions, including inquiry receipt and fulfillment, content authoring approval, adverse event processing, and automate reporting based on your organization needs.

Through streamlined collaboration, seamless data sharing, and process automation, your team can provide stakeholders the information they need quickly and easily, while focusing on communicating patient insights that can have strategic value throughout the drug development lifecycle.


LifeSphere Medical Affairs Platform Ecosystem

LifeSphere Medical Affairs dashboard

LifeSphere Medical Information

Cloud enabled solution that helps medical affairs teams deliver timely information, stay compliant, and streamline collaboration between global stakeholders

LifeSphere Medical Affairs

LifeSphere Reporter

Provide a simple tool for consumers, healthcare partners, and other field representatives to report and access information on the go, integrated with your medical and safety systems


LifeSphere Medical Affairs Advantages

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End-to-End Cloud Solution

Collect data efficiently and access it easily with the industry leading cloud-based application for streamlined information flow and cross-team collaboration

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Industry-Leading Automation

Leverage end-to-end automation to streamline repetitive manual tasks, manage rising inquiry volumes, and reduce errors across multiple channels more efficiently

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Strategic Insights

Increase the strategic impact of your medical information team by enabling your strategic resources to find and communicate key information through ad hoc reporting and visualizations

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Better Engagement

Deliver real-time engagement at the point of need with information consistency and seamless data sharing


Data Backed Benefits –
LifeSphere Medical Affairs by the Numbers

Percentage Graph displaying 80%

80% of the Top 50 Global Biopharmas are LifeSphere customers

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30+ years in Life Sciences innovation

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100% compliance with all regulatory requirements

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100% compliance across all LifeSphere Medical Affairs solutions

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