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Accelerate and organize your clinical trials.

Connected. Integrated. Efficient.


Clinical Solutions that Save You Time
on Research & Development

Clinical trials are an essential part of medicine, therapy research, and development. With countless studies to run, patients to track and documents to file, clinical trials are information intensive processes. So, how do you stay organized? Meet LifeSphere Clinical, a complete, cloud-enabled solution that empowers your clinical operations and clinical data management teams to work seamlessly together.

Why do we believe in the power of collaboration? Because we know that enhanced collaboration across Clinical teams means accelerated trials for organizations and better outcomes for patients.

LifeSphere, the market leading Safety solution, now serving your research and development needs in Clinical.


LifeSphere Clinical Ecosystem

LifeSphere CTMS

An easy-to-use trial management solution designed to streamline clinical operations and accelerate timelines.

LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution

Clinical safety alert reporting for organizations provides reports on-demand, on-time reporting based on need.

LifeSphere eTMF

A flexible document management system designed with the TMF Reference Model in mind. Easily upload, review and track documents ensuring inspection readiness.


LifeSphere Clinical Advantages

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Accelerate Trials

Reduce clinical timelines with a solution specifically crafted to meet clinical team’s needs and streamline processes and data flow throughout the organization

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Simplify Complexity

With LifeSphere Clinical your team can navigate the complexity of clinical trials with ease through full oversight and automation for every step of the process

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Enhance Collaboration

Our clinical solutions are easy to use and offer full transparency to keep sponsors, CRO’s, and site teams aligned, streamlining study management and accelerating the trial lifecycle.

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Confidently Compliant

Forget about compliance issues, 100% of LifeSphere Clinical customers experience compliance with all present and future regulatory standards


Data Backed Benefits –
LifeSphere Clinical by the Numbers

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80% of the Top 50 Global Biopharmas are LifeSphere customers

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30+ years in Life Sciences innovation

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100% compliance with all regulatory requirements

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