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Safety LitPro

Intelligent Literature Screening

Discover a smarter and faster way to manage literature monitoring, identify relevant cases, and submit them to your safety database.


Enabled by pre-validated RPA and NLP-based automation, LifeSphere Safety LitPro reduces literature screening time from days to minutes while ensuring compliance.

With LifeSphere LitPro your organization can:

  • Save time with literature screening and improve compliance
  • Remain audit ready with tight processes
  • Eliminate human error, fatigue, and bias improving quality

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere LitPro for your organization

LifeSphere Safety Litpro

Automate Processes

Reduce manual effort and human error through automation to save time and money

LifeSphere Safety Dashboard Screenshot

Focus Strategically

With faster literature screening, Safety teams can focus more on strategic goals while still managing a growing number of items to process

LifeSphere Safety Case Management

Extract Relevancy

With automated screening, relevant cases are submitted to your safety database filtering out what you don’t need

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere LitPro in Action


The LifeSphere LitPro difference

Screening and monitoring literature is only growing for Safety teams, and your organization needs a solution that is intuitive and ready to enable your Safety teams to focus on more strategic efforts. LifeSphere LitPro enables above other solutions by:

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The only Providing an end-to-end solution

for literature monitoring compliance

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Providing pre-validated and trained

RPA and NLP automation to reduce cost and implementation time

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Open architecture

to fit into your existing Safety database and streamline workflows

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Ability to refine results

through additional monitoring and improve literature screening based on your organizational needs


Don’t Take Our Word for It, Here’s the Word on the Street

Here is what LifeSphere Safety customers can expect based on real customer results. Up to 80% efficiency gains. 30+ years of experience in life sciences industry. 100% compliance for all present and upcoming regulatory standards. See real use cases from LifeSphere Safety customers:

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Top 20 Pharma is First to Automate Medical Literature Screening


Resources for Your Safety Journey

LifeSphere Safety Litpro Fact Sheet

LifeSphere Safety LitPro Fact Sheet

Discover the benefits of LifeSphere LitPro in one place as an easy to distribute to stakeholders within your organization.

Text reading LifeSphere Safety Overview Guide

LifeSphere Safety Overview Guide

LifeSphere Safety is an end-to-end drug safety platform that helps hundreds of pharmacovigilance teams around the world save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance, and unlock deep insights.

Unlocking the Strategic Value of Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance has changed; this white paper expands on the new trajectory of the safety landscape, changing from a cost center to value driver and explores the importance of end-to-end safety. 

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