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Platform Regulatory

LifeSphere Regulatory, a simple and unified platform.

Automated. Collaborative. Compliant.


Total drug development cycle support
with One Regulatory Solution

Experience a solution to your regulatory needs delivered in a simple, unified platform. Regulatory teams touch every aspect of development and need advanced tools to keep up with the latest regulatory bodies and standards.

LifeSphere Regulatory solutions offer next level support and enablement to your organization providing easy compliance to help you achieve breakthroughs, faster.


LifeSphere Regulatory Platform Ecosystem

LifeSphere RIMS

A true end-to-end regulatory information management solution that accelerates speed to market, reduces risk, and ensures team collaboration via cloud-enabled software

LifeSphere Publishing

Manage submissions proactively with a powerful solution that allows teams to easily compile, publish, and validate regulatory submissions

LifeSphere IDMP

Easily achieve compliance with new IDMP guidelines with the most up-to-date compliance will all future IDMP regulations, ensuring you’re prepared for today and tomorrow

LifeSphere EasyDocs

Full-service document management that integrates where you need it throughout the drug development process and easily source every document needed for compliance


LifeSphere Regulatory Advantages

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Accelerate Accurately

Enable faster time to market without sacrificing quality through a unified platform that tracks all regulatory team needs

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Advanced Compliance

Regulatory teams have to be on the forefront of new standards, LifeSphere Regulatory offers best-in-class support and full compliance with all major regulatory bodies

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Seamless Collaboration

Access your data and collect from a connected cloud-enabled solutions providing the most accurate information and a central repository for all teams

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Data Backed Benefits –
LifeSphere Regulatory by the Numbers

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80% of the Top 50 Global Biopharmas are LifeSphere customers

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30+ years in Life Sciences innovation

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100% compliance with all regulatory requirements

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