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Quality LifeSphere Quality Management System

Your Solution for Quality Process Management

Ensure harmonized quality management with end-to-end, purpose-built processes.


Incorporate best practices into common quality processes, using a preconfigured set of business processes to solve challenges in R&D, Clinical, Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance, Manufacturing.

LifeSphere Quality Management System (QMS) software allows you to:

  • Harmonize your end-to-end quality management processes in one system
  • Ensure more efficient and consistent global compliance
  • Leverage the latest best practices and innovations in quality
  • Make proactive and informed decisions around quality management

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere QMS software for your organization

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Global Harmonization

Quality management processes harmonization, through all departments and subsidiaries

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Minimize Risk

Monitor and control quality processes to minimize the risks of non-compliance

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Digital Control

Increase inspection and audit readiness and eliminate uncontrolled workflows

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Process Insights

Improve quality reporting and gain greater transparency into quality processes


Experience LifeSphere QMS difference 

LifeSphere QMS provides purpose-built capabilities to empower best-in-class quality management processes.

Quality Event Management

Manage deviations, complaints, non-conformances, out-of-specification results, and more

End-to-End Processes

Support for processes including CAPA, investigation and root cause analysis, change control, supplier qualification, and more

Audit Capabilities

Create, track, and approve audit plans, activities, agendas, reports, and more

Process Dashboards

Dashboards providing actionable quality process management insights

Learn More About LifeSphere Quality 

See how LifeSphere Quality Management System can benefit your organization today.

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