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Platform Quality

End-to-end support for quality management and documentation needs of life sciences companies.

Seamlessly address quality challenges with a holistic, purpose-built solution.


Drive more seamless and consistent quality management with an end-to-end solution, built for life sciences.

It can be a considerable undertaking to properly address the quality management and documentation needs of life sciences companies dealing with industry-specific requirements across R&D, Clinical, Regulatory, Pharmacovigilance and Manufacturing.

Our LifeSphere Quality platform provides an end-to-end solution to satisfy those needs using a preconfigured set of business processes, while driving greater cross-functional collaboration, organizational transparency, and strategic insights.

Global Harmonization

Achieve more seamless global collaboration and data analysis by leveraging common master data and unified processes.

Enhanced Compliance

Lower non-compliance risks through greater standardization, oversight, and control of quality processes and content.

Increased Efficiencies

Save time and cost throughout the quality lifecycle through operational enhancements.

Informed Decision-Making

Accelerate time-to-insight and make it simple to access the insights needed for strategic decision-making.


LifeSphere Quality Platform Ecosystem

LifeSphere Quality Management System (QMS)

A pre-configured set of business processes designed for the quality management needs of life sciences companies dealing with industry-specific quality challenges.

LifeSphere Quality Document Management System (QDMS)

Efficiently author, approve, distribute, track, and store quality documentation related to quality assurance, quality control, manufacturing, and R&D.


LifeSphere Quality Advantages

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End-to-End Quality Management

Utilize a single, holistic platform for quality process and data management, as well as cross-domain integrations with LifeSphere Regulatory and LifeSphere Safety.

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Process Control

Establish more transparent, controlled, and auditable processes and data management practices throughout the quality lifecycle.

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Streamlined Workflows

Leverage an intuitive, easy-to-use interface alongside streamlined and automated workflows to maximize end-to-end operational efficiencies.

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Dashboarding Capabilities

Access standard dashboards and reports to address common quality tracking, trending, reporting and analytical needs.

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