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ArisGlobal Launches LifeSphere NavaX™

The Next Generation Cognitive Computing Engine to Expedite R&D Digitization for Life Sciences

LifeSphere NavaX is your gateway to a future where advanced automation, AI, and intelligent data analytics converge to revolutionize your business and drive better end-to-end outcomes.

From Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing to Large Language Models and Generative AI, LifeSphere NavaX is the engine driving innovation across your Safety, Regulatory, and Medical Affairs teams.

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Experience LifeSphere NavaX Benefits

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Tailored to Your Needs

LifeSphere NavaX is designed with scalability and customization in mind. We partner with you to map your automation journey based on your objectives, goals, and timeline. Stay in control with the ability to activate or deactivate features as needed.

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Seamless Integration

LifeSphere NavaX enhances LifeSphere solutions, seamlessly integrating with third-party systems to ensure a smooth transition to a more intelligently automated future.

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Highest Standards

LifeSphere NavaX is developed in collaboration with pharmaceutical and regulatory leaders, maintaining the highest levels of quality and security through robust governance frameworks and compliance standards.

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Unmatched Efficiency Gains

Automate routine manual workflows and processes for unmatched end-to-end time and cost savings, including up to 80% efficiency gains on key workflows.

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Rapid Strategic Insights

Make data-driven decisions faster and with greater accuracy by quickly analyzing large datasets, uncovering valuable insights, and identifying meaningful patterns.

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Catalyst for Innovation

Bring your organization to the forefront of innovative practices to solve complex challenges and set yourself up for greater future successes.

Guide to Building Your Life Sciences Digitization Strategy

NavaX to Help Solve Industry’s Major Challenges

With the life science industry at a major turning point, LifeSphere NavaX in conjunction with LifeSphere platform is set to revolutionize the end-to-end process as part of the Research and Development IT ecosystem.

The pharmaceutical industry is facing major challenges, including growing case volumes and regulatory complexities, lack of flexibility in responding to supply chain disruptions, as well as budgetary and resource constraints coupled with soaring R&D costs.

LifeSphere NavaX helps overcome these challenges to drive unprecedented efficiency gains, significant time and cost savings, and more agile and strategic decisions across the drug development lifecycle.

Lifesphere NavaX Continues to Build ArisGlobal’s Position as a Market Leader and Innovator

Lifesphere NavaX is a continuation of our commitment to ongoing life sciences innovation, including bringing to market the first automated, end-to-end safety platform, and our groundbreaking advancements in revolutionizing signal detection with real world data.

Today, more than 500 global pharmaceutical and biotech companies (90% of the Top 10 pharma brands) leverage LifeSphere, ArisGlobal’s open R&D and compliance platform transforming the way Life Science companies develop breakthroughs and bring new patient treatments to market, faster. Current LifeSphere platform customers have seen up to 80% efficiency gains and up to 33% cost savings. By driving next-generation digital process innovation, Lifesphere NavaX will supercharge operational efficiency, accelerate time to insights, and ensure greater compliance.

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