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Inspired. Impactful. Mission-driven.

You are the force driving life sciences innovation every single day.


LifeSphere was designed to help you do more, faster and safer than ever before.

Whether you are emerging, enterprise, or a CRO, we’ll meet you where you are on your journey as a flexible and intelligent solutions partner.

One of the flagship benefits of LifeSphere is that it puts power back in your hands. Pivot your focus to follow your scientific passion, and let LifeSphere manage the tedious, but essential, tasks of research and development.


Bringing forward and monitoring multiple drugs on the market is all in a day’s work for enterprise pharmaceutical companies. You need a platform that has the capability of streamlining countless data sources, bringing efficiencies to distributed teams, and ensuring compliance with regulatory agencies around the world. With LifeSphere, your team will enjoy the benefits of open architecture and collaboration, along with hundreds of life sciences companies that currently trust this pioneering platform to effectively intake, manage, and process life-changing data.

Insights from a Real Customer

“Our decision to upgrade to LifeSphere Safety MultiVigilance was based on better integration, improved case management, reduced costs, and the ability to reach even higher compliance requirements of our customers and regulators. This integrated solution allows APCER to focus on the unique requirements of our customers with a tool that is as compliant, and collaboration focused as we are.”

-Ravi Menon, Chairman of the Board, APCER

Small to Medium Sized Pharma

You’re gaining momentum, and perhaps bringing one of your first therapies to market. The pressure is on, the focus is laser-sharp, and the deadlines are coming quickly. Preparation is key to setting your organization up for success. By selecting LifeSphere, you’ll be planting roots with a research & development technology partner that will grow with you and support you through each crucial stage of the research and development lifecycle.

Insights from a Real Customer

“We are very pleased to be building on our partnership with ArisGlobal to make this innovative technology accessible to other pharma companies for the benefit of patients.”

Markus Schümmelfeder, Head of IT at Boehringer Ingelheim

Contract Research Organizations (CROs) and Service Providers

In the biopharmaceutical ecosystem, your organization facilitates milestone moments for countless life sciences companies. Considered a unique and valuable research and development technology resource, you listen to the stringent and evolving needs of biopharma companies and provide them with leading technology tools such as LifeSphere, enabling them to meet regulations, ensure compliance, organize processes, and bring life saving therapies to the hands of patients worldwide.

Insights from a Real Customer

“LifeSphere MultiVigilance was the best choice to align with our core tenets of high quality and efficiency. By pairing our team’s deep global regulatory experience with an innovative drug safety platform that embodies decades of pharmacovigilance industry expertise, we help our clients bring new drugs and therapies to market faster and more cost-effectively.”

-Dr. Jinsong Xing, Founder and Chairman, Xihua Scientific

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