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Platform Safety

Digitize Safety with end-to-end automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics

The safety platform of tomorrow, in production today.


A single global platform for end-to-end pharmacovigilance transformation

As you strive to bring increasingly specialized treatments to market faster and more safely, LifeSphere Safety provides the only unified, next-generation SaaS safety platform in production, designed to help you achieve touchless case processing, scalable compliance, and standardized global pharmacovigilance workflows.

Developed and tested with industry leaders, and powered by intelligent AI/ML, cognitive automation, and analytics capabilities, LifeSphere Safety provides what you need to efficiently manage increasingly complex global operations without compromising quality or compliance, while remaining scalable as your business needs and case volumes grow.

Additionally, LifeSphere Safety is uniquely built with flexible licensing and capabilities to effectively serve firms of all sizes, from large biopharma to small and emerging firms bringing products to market, to CRO’s and service providers looking to deliver higher-quality services more efficiently. Learn more


LifeSphere Safety Platform Ecosystem

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere Multivigilance

Deliver groundbreaking efficiencies and touchless case processing using the industry’s only end-to-end case management solution with automation in production.

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere Reporting and Analytics

Enhance safety reporting and unlock real-time insights through flexible and easy-to-use reporting and analytics capabilities, natively integrated with your safety environment.

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management

Drive more intelligent signal analytics using an automated, end-to-end solution to uncover higher-quality signals faster and better inform benefit-risk profiles.

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere Clarity

Achieve next-generation patient safety using a powerful safety analytics engine that enables safety teams to conduct faster, more robust benefit-risk analyses.

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere Intelligent Content Management

Enhance operational efficiency and data quality through a single source of truth for safety content, purpose-built to support life sciences workflows and compliance specifications.

LifeSphere Safety dashboard

LifeSphere LitPro

More efficiently meet regulatory requirements through an automated medical literature screening solution to scan global databases for safety-relevant information.


LifeSphere Safety Advantages

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Unparalleled Efficiency

Drive significant efficiency gains through touchless case processing by leveraging robust, production-ready automation and artificial intelligence to streamline repetitive safety tasks.

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Comprehensive Global Compliance

Operate confidently in any market with the most robust turnkey support for global and regional regulations, including regular cloud upgrades to ensure future-proof compliance.

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Next-Level Safety Insights

Turn safety into a value center by leveraging powerful, easy-to-use tools for reporting and dashboarding, operational benchmarking, and intelligent signal analysis.

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Unified Cloud Platform

Leverage an end-to-end SaaS platform to ensure standardized, always-up-to-date global safety operations founded on industry best practices with minimal IT overhead.

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Out-of-the-Box Value

Deliver value right away with out-of-the-box availability of our Industry Standard Practices (ISPs) around core processes, developed and pre-validated with leading industry partners.

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Single Source of Truth

Streamline content management through an easy-to-access, centralized repository for all your safety content, including PSMFs and PVAs, including enhanced audit trail support.


Data Backed Benefits –
LifeSphere Safety by the Numbers

Percentage Graph displaying 80%

7 of the Top 10 Global Biopharmas using LifeSphere Safety

Percentage Graph displaying 80%

customers using LifeSphere Safety

Percentage Graph displaying 80%

7 million cases managed annually and growing

Percentage Graph displaying 30%

30,000+ users within LifeSphere Safety

Percentage Graph displaying 30%

30% Efficiency gains from automation capabilities

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