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Regulatory SPORIFY

Accelerate IDMP Compliance, Simplify Reference Data Management

SPORIFY is a data management application that integrates with any RIM system to match and manage controlled vocabularies.


An elegant solution to match, maintain, sync and integrate reference data, SPORIFY saves time, simplifies ongoing data management and harmonizes data across systems and geographies.

With SPORIFY your organization can:

  • Generate an estimated 75% efficiency gains and time savings on initial data preparation and mapping
  • Simplify ongoing data management activities with automatic data syncing and update notifications
  • Prepare for IDMP implementation and enable interoperability across systems and geographies by managing regulatory compliant product data in a central, user-friendly interface

Discover the Benefits of SPORIFY for your organization

Central Location for IDMP compliance

Prepare and maintain compliant product data through real-time SPOR updates to keep pace with the phased implementation of ISO IDMP standards

Easy RIM Integration

A vendor-agnostic application that connects via lightweight APIs, SPORIFY is compatible with any RIM system; there’s no need to migrate.

Increased Productivity and Time Savings

Complete initial data mapping up to 9X faster and use automated data synchronization to stay aligned with changes.

Simplified Reference Data Management

Significantly reduces the manual effort needed to locate source data and translate internal controlled vocabularies to SPOR RMS and OMS.

Seeing is believing

See SPORIFY in Action


The SPORIFY difference

SPORIFY is a trusted partner of leading pharmaceutical companies around the globe, including 5 of the world’s top 20 largest organizations. The technology also plays a vital role in facilitating data clean up, enrichment and harmonization for several European regulatory agencies, working groups and life sciences technology vendors. Here’s why SPORIFY is different:

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EMA SPOR mapping and integration

APIs provide a simple and secure solution to enable mapping, sync and notification services between your systems and SPOR master data.

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User-friendly data insights

Color-coded data insights that provide visibility to the latest SPOR values.

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Automatic data sync and notifications

Real-time notifications when SPOR is updated for selected data elements of interest


Resources for Your Reference Data Management Journey

SPORIFY Product Fact Sheet

Discover the benefits of SPORIFY for reference data management in one place as an overview to stakeholders within your organization.

Sporify Case Study

Top 5 Pharma Case Study

Read about the immediate productivity gains and compliance benefits a Global Regulatory Affairs team experienced by adopting the SPORIFY solution.

Pharma Tech Outlook Profile

SPORIFY was recognized as a Top Solutions Providers for 2023 in a recent issue of Pharma Tech Outlook for driving data-centric innovation for IDMP readiness.

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