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Safety Signal and Risk Management

Detect signals faster, reduce false positives, and drive strategic value.

The Industry’s most advanced end-to-end platform for Signal Detection and Risk Management, helping you detect, analyze, and manage safety signals.

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LifeSphere Safety Signal and Risk Management leverages seamless data integration, automation, analytics tools, and unified workflows to help you detect signals faster, reduce false positives, and drive strategic value from product Safety.

With LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management, your organization can:

  • Reduce errors related to managing signal detection, evaluation, and tracking
  • Derive insights from data that can unlock insights needed to ensure patient safety and even drive revenue
  • Reduce overall signal noise and focus on what matters most
  • Determine higher-quality signals and leverage information for planning and risk mitigation

LifeSphere Signal & Risk Management PLUS LifeSphere Clarity

By combining LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management with LifeSphere Clarity, organizations can harness the power of industry-leading innovation that will help to identify risk faster and derive causal insights quickly, mitigating the downstream impact of signal issues both in clinical trials and post-marketing settings.

Redefining the safety signal analytics space by going further than any safety signal analytics solutions on the market

  • Advanced signals analytics for case series
  • Exploratory Analysis, Knowledge Graphs, and Clustering
  • Set Signal Detection Strategies for Statistical Methods, Data Sources, Subsets, and Frequencies
  • Receive new Alerts
  • Manage the Signal Lifecycle with Signal Screening, Assessment, and Validation

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management for your organization

Detect Faster

Seamlessly bring together internal and external data sources for faster signal detection

Increase Efficiency

Utilize advanced cognitive computing and automation to reduce manual effort and increase speed in signal detection

Remain Compliant

Use workflows to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

Act Sooner

With unified detection and automation, you can act on insights sooner and mitigate risk and recognize revenue

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere Clarity in Action


The LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management difference

When you’re searching for the right Safety solution, you need to ensure that your organization has what it needs to ensure the best patient experience. LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management enables you to do just that and stands out among the rest for a few reasons:

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Seamless integration

With diverse internal and external data sources

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Customized dashboards and visualizations

Evaluate benefit-risk profiles faster and easier

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Built-in audit trails

And compliance support to ensure regulatory compliance

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Backed by industry-leading innovation

Automation and AI capabilities from the market leader in Safety – Now with LifeSphere Clarity


Don’t Take Our Word for It, Here’s the Word on the Street

Here is what safety signal management solution customers can expect based on real customer results. Up to 80% efficiency gains. 30+ years of experience in life sciences industry. 100% compliance for all present and upcoming regulatory standards. See real use cases from LifeSphere Safety Customers:

AstraZenca logo

AstraZeneca selects LifeSphere® Signal and Risk Management

Dr. Reddy Logo

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories Selects LifeSphere® Signal and Risk Management

Luye Pharma Logo

Luye Pharma Group Selects LifeSphere® Signal and Risk Management to Automate Drug Safety Signal Detection


Resources for your Safety Signal Analytics Journey

Text reading LifeSphere Overview Guide

LifeSphere Safety Overview Guide

LifeSphere Safety is an end-to-end drug safety platform that helps hundreds of pharmacovigilance teams around the world save time and effort, ensure future-proof compliance, and unlock deep insights.

White Paper: The Evolution of Signal Detection and Management

Life sciences leaders are unlocking real-world data insights across the drug development lifecycle with cognitive computing to usher in the next era of signal management and detection.

Unlocking the Strategic Value of Pharmacovigilance

Pharmacovigilance has changed; this white paper expands on the new trajectory of the safety landscape, changing from a cost center to value driver and explores the importance of end-to-end safety. 

Learn more about our collaborative partnership with customers

For LifeSphere Signal and Risk Management and LifeSphere Clarity products, third party software TIBCO Spotfire® is licensed by
Perkin Elmer to deliver data visualization and analytics for ArisGlobal as the exclusive licensor and is powered by TIBCO®.

ArisGlobal Launches LifeSphere NavaX™   Learn More

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