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Medical Affairs Product Complaints

Coordination for Timely Complaint Management

Increase the efficiency of your Medical Affairs team with LifeSphere Product complaints through one application to log, track, and manage multiple channels in a single solution.


With complaints coming through new and different channels, it has never been more important to streamline your efforts with one solution that allows you to decrease response times via approved information and work within your organization’s technology with out-of-the-box integrations to your current technology stack.

LifeSphere Product Complaints Allows you to:

  • Remain responsive and compliant tracking complaints from multiple channels
  • Coordinate response management from one comprehensive solution
  • Streamline processes to enable more efficient, timely, and accurate solutions

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Product Complaints for your organization:

LifeSphere Case Processor dashboard screenshot

Up-To-Date Information

Quickly respond to patient complaints with the latest approved content via an easily accessible database

LifeSphere Safety Case Management

Streamline Workflows

Eliminate redundant processes and streamline workflows with ease to avoid critical delays

LifeSphere Safety Dashboard Screenshot

Integrate Easily

Create a flow of information from Medical Information teams to internal Safety and CRM systems including Salesforce for a complete view

Seeing is believing

See LifeSphere Product Complaints in Action


The LifeSphere Product Complaints difference

When it comes to selecting a solution for your Medical Information team, you want the absolute best fit to curate the best relationships with patients and providers. LifeSphere Product Complaints allows you to do that and much more within a single integrated system designed to enable your organization.

Connecting nodes icon

Multi-channel management

means you can manage complaints and information via multiple avenues including email, fax, and chat.

Cells and magnifier glass icon

Identify areas of focus

via comprehensive investigation and root-cause analysis to signal the right users at the right time.

Gear icon

Automate workflows

to route automatically and distribute complaints across Safety, Medical Information, and Quality teams based on workload


Medical Affairs Customers reap the benefits of selecting a partnership with LifeSphere:


150K+ Medical Information Inquiries Processed

10 Years

Embedding Over 10 Years of Industry Expertise and Collaboration

Top 20

Proven Solution in Production Globally Including Multiple Top 20 Pharmaceuticals


Resources to help you on your Medical Affairs Journey:

Text reading LifeSphere Products Complaints Fact Sheet

LifeSphere Product Complaints Fact Sheet

Discover the benefits of LifeSphere Medical Affairs Product Complaints in one place as an easy to distribute to stakeholders within your organization.

Text reading LifeSphere Medical Information Overview

LifeSphere Medical Information Overview Video

In less than three minutes, explore the benefits of LifeSphere Medical Information and the potential this system has to revolutionize your Medical Affairs teams.

Text reading Harness Medical Affairs

Harnessing Medical Affairs’ Strategic Potential

Medical Affairs is starting to take center stage as a strategic part of the drug development lifecycle. Sitting on a plethora of information, these teams have the potential to accelerate new drug discoveries and uses.

Learn more about our collaborative partnership with customers

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