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Safety Safety Document Distribution

Safety Document Distribution Made Simple

A single, automated platform for the oversight and distribution of Safety content.


5 Reasons to Make the Move to Automated Safety Document Distribution


Simplify your global drug safety and safety reporting operations by making it quick and easy to distribute safety event reports to key stakeholder groups.

LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution software allows you to:

  • Support compliance with international regulations
  • Enable greater process visibility and oversight
  • Drive efficiency and accuracy gains through automated submission processes
  • Generate expense savings related to labor, transport, and mailing

Discover the Benefits of LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution for your organization

Audit Readiness

Enable improved oversight and greater ease maintaining compliance with regulators.

Maximize Efficiency

Automate manual processes to enable the distribution of safety reports in real-time.

More Effective Collaboration

Achieve greater cross-functional transparency via a shared platform and reporting.

Cost Savings

Save time and effort with out-of-the-box and regularly updated reference models.


Experience the LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution difference

LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution enables your teams to manage global drug safety and safety reporting operations using best-in-class capabilities.

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Secure SaaS Platform with Controlled Access

Provide a secure, web-based platform for internal and external users to centrally manage safety content.

Content Binders

Support audit readiness with out-of-the-box binder structures with template placeholders.

Configurable Workflows

Automatically route content for review based on identified triggers and business practices.

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Comprehensive Audit Trails

Maintain compliance with detailed audit trails to log activity throughout a document’s history.

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Dashboards and Reports

Gain greater visibility into the status of content and processes with built-in, standard analytics tools.

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Electronic Signatures

Approve documents faster using compliant electronic signatures and manifestations.

See how LifeSphere Safety Document Distribution can benefit your organization today.

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